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Citi Rewards+ Credit Card Review 2021 Earn 15,000 Bonus Points |CCB

citi rewards+ credit card review

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In this article, I will tell you about the benefits and features of this Citibank Rewards Credit Card in detail. I will also tell you about how you can get maximum benefits from this card, why should you go for Citi Bank Reward Credit Card Review even if not the best rewards credit card in India if you compare the return rate on spend. 

Citi Bank rewards credit card Overview

Citi Bank is the world’s leading card issuer company. Citi Bank has 2.76 million active cards in India, that makes Citi Bank one of the top credit card marketing leader in India. Citi Bank Rewards Credit Card is one of the beginner level credit card from Citi Bank. 

Citi Bank rewards credit card is good for those who mostly use their card for shopping (mostly apparel) and travel-related shopping. Citi Bank rewards credit cards provide fuel benefits and annual fee waived off on spending of Just ₹ 30,000 in a year. You can also get 300 bonus reward points if you spend ₹ 30,000 in a month. 

Citi Bank Reward credit card offers 15% savings at restaurants, fabulous offers on almost all your shopping trips, easy payment plans, and you can get an instant loan on your Card as well. The reward rate on this card is between 0.25% to 2.8%.

you can redeem all your points easily for attractive travel options, air miles, premium merchandise, cashback, and much more. Citi bank rewards redemption option is the advantage of this card.

Pros and Cons of Citi Bank rewards card

What you will loveWhat you will disappoint at
*Best for you if you use your card mostly on the departmental stores and apparel shopping.  
*Easy payment plan For travel booking.
*Wide range of rewards redeems option. (cashback, fuel and many more)
*This card is not for a high spender.
*If we exclude rewards on apparel than this card only gives us a 0.28% return. (That is almost nothing)

Feature and benefits of Citi Bank Rewards Card

  • Welcome Gift- (Up to 2500 Reward Points)- You will get 1500 bonus reward points on your first spend if you make the purchases within 30 days of getting the card issued. You will also get 1000 bonus points for the first spend of ₹ 1,000 that you make within 60 days of card issue. So, in total, you can get 2500 bonus points.
  • Fuel Benefit- You can redeem you reward Points instantly through SMS for fuel purchase at any of the IndianOil petrol pumps across the country. 1 reward point =  0.25. Minimum points required to redeem for fuel purchase is 1,000.
  • No Joining fee and annual fee waived off- Citi Bank rewards credit card does not charge any joining fee. You can also get the annual fee waived off by just spending ₹ 30,000 in a membership year.
  • Dinning offer- You can enjoy Up to 15% off on dining at selected restaurants.
  • No expiry tenure- Rewards Point of Citi Bank Credit Card has no expiry tenure, means your point will never expire. You can redeem your reward points at any point in time.

Citi Bank Privilege

Citi Bank Privilege is a premium service that offers to you by Citi Bank for the part of Citi Bank Family. You can use this privileged service for travel planning, sending flower to your loved ones, plan a birthday party and many more. You also get other shopping and dining privileges.

Personal Concierge Services
Call your concierge for help with planning a party, sending flowers, making dining reservations, for travel assistance and much more. Simply call 1800-114-999.

Benefits all year long

  • Dining Privileges- Up to 15% savings across participating restaurants.
  • Hot Deals- Exciting offers on leading brands across categories with Citi credit cards. To find out the latest offers, click here.
  • EMI Privileges- Choose easy EMI options at more than 2,000 consumer electronics and mobile phone outlets, leading retail chains and e-retailers.

Citi Bank rewards credit card Rewards Point Programme

Regular reward Points10X Reward PointsBonus Reward Points
You can earn 1 reward point for every ₹ 125 spends.You can earn 10 reward points for ₹ 125 spends at departmental stores and apparel.You can earn 300 bonus reward points on purchases of more than ₹ 30,000 in a month.

Citi Bank Rewards Credit card, Rewards redeem Programme

  • Air miles- The rewards Point can be redeemed for Air Miles on Air India and Jet Airways. 1 reward point = 0.75 miles wherein you need minimum 100 points to redeem.
  • Fuel Purchase- You can redeem your rewards Point as fuel purchase at all IOCL Petrol Pumps across India. 1 reward point = ₹ 0.25 (Minimum Rewards Point require =250 rewards Point)
  • Cashback- Rewards can be redeemed for cashback also. Minimum Points required for cashback is 10,000. 1 reward points = ₹ 0.35.
  • In-store Shopping- You can redeem points at select partner brands at the rate of 1 reward point = ₹0.30. Minimum points required to be redeemed is 250.
  • Online shopping-  You can redeem points against movie tickets, travel bookings, mega-stores, etc. at the rate of 1 reward point = ₹ 0.25. Minimum points required to be redeemed is 250.

You can also redeem your point as gift voucher across categories from Accessories, Apparel, Departmental Stores, Health & Beauty, Hotels & Dining, Travel.

Citi Bank Reward Credit Card Fees and Charges

Joining fee/ Annual feeJoining fee of this card is zero. Annual fee of this card is ₹ 1,000.
Cash advance fees2.5% on the billed amount withdrawn, subject to a minimum of ₹500.
Late payment charges• NIL for statement balance up to ₹1000
• ₹450 for statement balance above ₹1000 and up to ₹5000
• ₹700 for statement balance above ₹5000 and up to ₹10000
• ₹950 for statement balance above ₹10000
Over credit limit charge2.5% of the amount (excluding fees, charges and taxes) over the credit limit, subject to a minimum of ₹500.
Fuel transaction charge1% of the transaction amount, subject to a minimum of ₹10. Waived at authorized Indian Oil Corporation outlets only.
Railway ticket booking surcharge1.8% of the transaction value.
Statement Request (beyond 3 months)₹ 100
Reissue of lost, stolen or damaged card₹ 100
Returned Payment Charge (Cheque / ECS / ACH / SI bounce charge)₹ 500 per returned payment.

Eligibility criteria

  • Proof of Identity ( Passport, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Voter’s ID Card )
  • Proof of Address ( Passport, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Voter’s ID Card, Job Card issued by NREGA and signed by a State Government officer)
  • Latest two salary slips/ Latest year ITR with audited financials and computation of income (For- self-employed.)
  • If any other documents required apart from these than Citi Bank will Confirm you.

Why should you go for this Card?

The first reason to go for this card- if you spend most in the accelerated reward category. You can get maximum benefits at apparel and department stores from this card.

Second reason to go for this card- If you want various redemption options for your rewards points. You can get many offers with this card for your reward points redemption. You can Redeem points instantly at over 700 outlets and e-shopping partners. You can also Enjoy over 6,000 offers across Dining, Shopping, Movies & EMI.

Third reason to go for this card- If you travel frequently and love to do shopping on your trip then you can use this card for that purpose.

Final Note about Citi Bank Rewards Credit Card.

If you are spending on accelerated reward category of this card than you must go for this card. But if you spend categories are different than I would suggest you to only go for this card unless you did not get approved for other rewards cards.

How to apply?

To apply for this card just click on the link below.

Some Frequently Asked Question.

Is Citi rewards a good credit card?

Citi Bank Rewards credit card may not be good for you if you travel frequently. This card does not provide any travel purchase benefits plus it has a foreign transaction fee. But it can be the best card for you if you use it along with a travel-focused card. You can use this card for dining and shopping on your trip.

Does this credit card let users make contactless Payment?

Yes, You can transact amount up to ₹ 2,000 using this credit card. Do note that contactless payment can be carried out at only those terminals that accept contactless payment.

What is 10x reward points in Citibank?

Citi Bank offers 10X rewards point across all spend at departmental stores and apparel. You can earn 10 rewards points on every ₹ 125 spends at departmental stores and apparel, on other spends you earn 1 reward points for every ₹ 125 spends.

What are the benefits of Citibank credit card?

Citi Bank offers you 2500 rewards point as welcome gift, fuel benefits at IOCL petrol pumps, No Joining fees, Annual fee waiver, accelerated reward offers on all spends at departmental stores and apparel, Dining offersOver 700 rewards options and many more.

What credit score do you need for Citi Rewards Card?

For high approval odds, You need to have good credit or excellent credit means your credit score should be 700+.

Does Citibank reward points expire?

No, CitiBank Reward Points never expire. You can redeem your points at any point in time once you have minimum require points.

What is Citibank privilege offer?

CitiBank privilege is a premium service that offers to you by citibank for being part of Citibank. In this offer, you can enjoy Personal Concierge Services that you can use for planning party, travel assistance and many more.

Can we convert Citibank reward points to cash?

Yes, You can convert your reward point into cash. Minimum rewards points required to convert in cash are 10,000. 1 reward point = ₹ 0.35.

Does Citibank automatically increase credit limit?

As per your uses and payment behavior, Citibank increases your credit limit. Limits are mostly increased every six months, but it is not a surety that your limits will also increase. For better help, we suggest you contact Citibank.