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Best Rewards Credit Cards with Maximum Benefits in [2021]

Best Rewards Credit Cards with Maximum Benefits

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Do you want the best rewards credit card for experiencing a host of lifestyle privileges, cashback offers, rewards, features? If yes, then you are in right place we bring a detailed article about the best rewards credit cards with maximum benefits in 2021. You will get different credit cards as per different categories and benefits.

After reading this article you can apply for different categories of Credit Cards according to your needs, which avails so many existing and amazing offers as well as cashback for you. You only need to limit the amount of your card to some extent and then you can really enjoy your shopping, traveling, Groceries, or anything to its fullest.

Choose Different Credit Cards For Different Purposes

In India, there are many banks that provide different types of credit cards for different purchases. Basically, these cards are divided on the basis of rewards & benefits that they offer. Not, only on this, but also, they are divided on the income as well as spend requirements of the applicants. Thus, this is the benefit that customers get by selecting the different cards depending on different purchases. As it helps them to avail a lot of benefits on their purchases.

Just, for example; if you love traveling a lot then you can go for a travel card. It will help you in earning air miles as well as access airport lounges. Thus, you can see how it is the ideal match for travel lovers. Similarly, for other requirements, you can go for other credit cards (fulfilling your requirement).

Credit cards are offered in collaboration with different payment networks in India. Some of them are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner’s Club, etc.  

Best Rewards Credit Cards with Maximum Benefits (Different Categories)

There are many categories of credit cards and it’s too difficult to choose the best one. So, here, is a list of some of the different categories of Credit Cards depending upon different purposes. Just go through them and must check out their amazing benefits properly according to your convenience.

1. Fuel Credit Cards

Popular fuel Credit Cards:

ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card, Indian Oil Citibank Titanium Credit Card

By using this card, you will get benefits on every fuel transaction. This helps you in saving while refueling as it provides you certain cashback offers as well as fuel surcharge waivers. Some customers can also get rewards points depending upon their respective banks.

Other Additional Benefits:

Activation bonus, entertainment benefits, dining, hotel offers

2. Travel Credit Cards

Popular Travel Credit Cards:

JetPrivilege ICICI Bank Coral VISA Credit Card, Axis Bank Miles & More Credit Card

This is one of the popular credit cards only because of its amazing & unlimited travel benefits offers. It is not applicable to India but all over the world. By using this, you will get the benefit of access to airport lounges. Also, you can earn air miles with the help of this card. You can also earn rewards points and then can convert them into air miles.

Other Additional Benefits:

Hotel & Holiday offers, Gold offers, dining offers, travel insurance

3. Business Credit Cards

Popular Travel Credit Cards:

SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card, HDFC Corporate Visa Signature Credit Card

It is applicable for business establishments, corporates as well as other financial institutions. This cannot be used for personal transactions, only valid during the employment period. You will get the advantages of business saving plans, as well as expense management including insurance. Employers can easily manage the finances of their employees with the help of this card.

Other Additional Benefits:

Airport lounge access, bills payments, cash advance, convert purchases into monthly installments

4. Lifestyle Credit Cards

Popular Travel Credit Cards:

Axis Bank signature credit card with Lifestyle Benefits

This is especially designed for changing the lifestyles as well as income of the applicants. This comes with first-year annual fee waivers. This carries the benefits of golfing privileges, shopping privileges, dining travels.

Other Additional Benefits:

Superior travel, luxury lifestyle privileges, cashback on tickets

5. Contactless Credit Cards

Popular Travel Credit Cards:

SBI Signature Contactless Credit Card, ICICI Bank Coral Contactless Credit Card

With the help of this, one can easily make the payments by just tapping the cards at POS Terminals. You don’t require PIN number, just tap and then you can easily make your payment. You can earn many discounts, cash rewards as well as entertainment benefits.

Other Additional Benefits:

Lounge access, concierge service, insurance policy

6. Credit Cards for Women

Popular Travel Credit Cards:

Citibank Rewards Credit Card, American Express Payback Credit Card

This is specially designed for women in which women get the maximum benefits. It is mainly focused on shopping rewards as well as cashback offers. You can also get reward points for the purchases.

Other Additional Benefits:

fuel surcharge waiver, insurance, travel benefits

7. Cashback Credit Cards

Popular Cashback Credit Cards:

HDFC Bharat Credit Card, Yes Prosperity Cashback Credit Card

In this, customers get the cashback from 5% to 20% which is totally dependent on the spend category. You can get cashback on bill payments, movie ticket bookings, retail purchases, grocery purchases, and many more.

Other Additional Benefits:

Annual fee reversals, fuel surcharge waivers, shopping privileges, rewards program

Thus, these are some of the categories of Credit Cards. You can go for any one depending on your requirements.

Also, there are many other categories, such as Platinum Credit Card, Classic Credit Card, Prepaid Credit Card, Signature Credit Cards, Student Credit Card, Kisan Credit Card Entertainment Credit Card, and many more. If you want to know the details about them then must visit the official website of Credit Card.

Some Important Things to Know

  1. A secured Credit Card is one of the popular cards which is used again as an asset in your name. it is a good start if you are not in a position to avail of an unsecured credit card.
  2. You can withdraw cash from ATM. This process is known as cash advance, you can only withdrawal some amount of your respective credit limit.
  3. You will earn some reward points every time when you swipe your credit card.
  4. Not all credit cards need an annual fee or joining fee.
  5. Your credit card will issue some charge interest for the non-payment bill. The interest rates start from 18% and can go up to 45% annually.

Credit Card Eligibility for Different Categories

If you are thinking to apply for a credit card for business or travel or any other purpose, then you must need to be eligible for a credit card then only you can have it.

If you want to know whether you are eligible or not, then go through the criteria given below. Also, note down that, you need to fulfill all the factors of its eligibility for having a credit card.


Age18 years
Employment statusSelf-employed/salaried  
IncomeDepend on bank 
Credit Score700 or above 
DocumentsID Proof/Residential Proof/ Income Proof 

Now, if you are eligible for the credit card then apply for it. You can apply via both online as well as offline mode. For fast and simple process, must go for online mode.

Also, in case of any trouble, we are always here to assist you. So, feel free to share your views & feedback in the comment section below.